I love food

As some of you may know, my husband and I are pretty passionate about local food. We love our local farmers’ market (only two blocks away!) and growing our own vegetables. And, my husband, Josh, has worked with his aunt, uncle, and cousins for the past three years redeveloping his family farm into a sustainable, responsible, amazing business (www.broadviewranch.com).

So when I found this fabric with turnips, asparagus and peppers on it, I could not pass it up! Look for more vegetable cards in my etsy store.


4 thoughts on “I love food

  1. I think it’s SOOOO cool that you guys have such an awesome farm! Living in the Northwest (originally from Austin, Texas), I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of local markets! I look forward to more cards! You’re so wonderful!

  2. Wow! He’s from H-Town? So cool!

    Yeah I LOVE going home to visit and eating all the Tex-Mex, real Mexican food my family makes, and all the delicious BBQ that I just don’t get up here. It’s always such a treat!

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