Gardening with Chickens

My husband and his family have a ranch in Virginia. They run cattle, pork and chickens. We also have a HUGE garden there- 33 tomato plants plus squash, asparagus, zucchini, chard, peas, and more. But the squash was getting decimated by the bugs. So we set loose five chickens in the garden for the day and those ladies had quite the feast! I may have to find a way to use the color combos in my work- somehow the orange and red against the bright green makes me think of summer.

5 thoughts on “Gardening with Chickens

  1. Oh wow! For some reason I think I’d be scared of being up close and personal with a chicken . . . but a card inspired by the coloring . . . now THAT I could be down for! 😀

  2. Oh i know right! PLUS they have beaks . . . and they use their beaks for world domination—one intense peck at a time! If I got near them I wouldn’t last 5 minutes . . . they’d peck me to death 😦

    brb. gonna write a spec script about killer chickens . . . 😉 just kidding.

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