Lego Lamp

My childhood friends, the Tracys, are amazing. They came early for our wedding, helped set up the reception, did dishes after every meal, engineered the dogwood branch that hung over our dessert table and orchestrated several other key events for our wedding. Last week, as a wedding gift, they sent us a lamp made by David. David is a sophomore at UCLA (lucky!) who creates beautiful lamps out of Legos. I used to babysit David and he was always interested in building with any material but specifically Legos. It is now on my desk so I see it every day.

I love when people use everyday objects and create art out of them. David’s sisters, Elizabeth and Meg used to make earrings out of bottle caps. For more of David’s work, go to


2 thoughts on “Lego Lamp

  1. Oh, my what a cool idea. I’d love to meet the artist responsible, I can already tell, just from looking at these pieces, that he must be a really swell guy.

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