Decorating my workspace

As I will now be working from home, I have been thinking about the way I will decorate my work space. I want it to be organized but inspiring and stylish. The first move I made was to frame this print from illustrator Claudia Pearson.

Buying local is important to us and so many of my favorite farmer’s market items are included: see the Ronnybrook milk?  The colors are perfect and I love the illustration style. It is now to the left of my desk. You should definitely check out Claudia’s website:


2 thoughts on “Decorating my workspace

  1. WOW! She’s got great illustrations! I think the season towels are my fave 🙂 I love decorating and I hope you have SO much fun personalizing your space!

  2. Your workspace is going to be really neat 🙂 I wish I had a space to totally revamp, but unfortunately, with a family the size of mine, that’s really difficult 🙂 Someday….

    I just went to Claudia’s site! She has so really neat illustrations! My favorite was the “Sour Cherry Soup”. It looks like something we’d concoct in our kitchen 🙂


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