Home at Last!

I spent last week in Spain visiting my brother and sister in law, Ben and Heather, Josh’s cousin, Lee, and Lee’s wife, Karri and my three nieces- Abby, Annarose and Lucy. Pretty fun week. We were there to visit with the family but also snuck in a trip to learn about how jamon iberico is made. We wanted to learn as much as possible since we have pigs on the farm that also eat acorns, hickory nuts and live in forested areas. It is the most delicious ham in the world- practically melts in your mouth. I’ll post more about our tour since I know people LOVE to learn about pigs. But for now, a few pictures: (the first is Josh dancing with Annarose to her favorite band, Parachute).


One thought on “Home at Last!

  1. oh my gosh those pictures are SO sweet! The last one is my fave—she’s got the cutest little smile 🙂 and I’m SO jealous you got to go to Spain—I’ve always wanted to visit! It looks like you guys had a great adventure!! 🙂

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