My Creative Family

My brothers are awesome. I am the oldest and the only girl. People always ask if I wanted a sister. The short answer is I did but now, I am so glad I have three brothers. They are great guys and inspire me with their creativity. They are also very competitive Scrabble players and love 30 Rock. So we have a lot in common. But one of my favorite things about my brothers is that they each pursue their own creative endeavors. These guys are immensely talented and inspire me with the way they follow their passions to create music and art.

Will directing a Gospel Choir as he records a new album with his band (photo courtesy of Parachute)

My brother Charles is an amazing photographer (Ironically, I cannot find a photo of his work but this my favorite picture of Charles).

And last but not least, John is in college and is an unbelievable musician and songwriter. He also has time to be a part of an a cappella group. And make movies.

My brothers are my biggest fans and I am so proud of their work. Be sure to check out their websites and check back here for more new cards this week!

2 thoughts on “My Creative Family

  1. It’s incredible how amazingly talented you all are. I mean, I definitely know people in my own circle of friends who have at least one person in their family who pursues the arts for creative expression, but certainly not all of their siblings are. I love that you are surrounded by so much creativity, and I love that you are pursuing your own art as well!

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