Gone to Texas

When he was about four, my brother wrote a song called “Gone to Texas.” And that is what we are- gone to Texas. Or rather, we are going to Texas. Josh took a job in Houston so in September, we are trading this:

for this:

And yes, we are very excited. The clues yesterday were apparently easy since my friend Amy guessed within seconds of seeing it. ZZ Top- from Texas. Renee Zellweger- from Texas. Tacos/Tex Mex- greatest part about moving to Texas. Lyle Lovett, my favorite musician- from Houston, Texas. Borden’s evaporated milk, used to make cheesecakes (mmm!)- invented in Texas. And my role model, Tami Taylor, from Friday Night Lights- set in Texas. I will miss New York for some reasons- mostly friends but the opportunities in Houston are amazing. I will have more space to work and an office to run Plain Jane’s out of. And, I can have breakfast tacos every day, which should result in a happier me therefore a more productive me.

6 thoughts on “Gone to Texas

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s great news!!! Oh man, Texas is going to be great!!! I’ve only spent minimal time in Houston (being from Austin) but Texas living is soooo fun! And a great big heck yes to breakfast tacos! That’s definitely something I miss about being up north now, the GREAT Tex-Mex! I’m so excited for you guys and wish you the best during your big move!

  2. Goodness gracious. Your moving makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad to lose you but happy because Josh has Texas in his blood. But I still have your wedding present all wrapped and sitting in my house. What day do you actually depart? Love, Sheila Weber

  3. Wow! Texas….but we don’t see you much anyway….still, it’s odd having you that far away….actually, we’ll possibly be in San Antonio next month. That’s closer 😛

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