On Vacation

I apologize for the lone post this week. In the middle of the move, we scheduled a vacation before we have to get settled in Houston. So, we have been in Roatan so I can get my scuba certification- which I received this afternoon. I had to take a written test and do a series of open water dives. The location could nod I really enjoyed diving. It’s very peaceful- you have to concentrate on your breathing and going slow to make sure you take everything in. I have seen a few sea turtles, three or four BIG lobsters, upside down jellyfish, a giant crab- so big it could barely pick up it’s claws, queen angelfish, grouper, lionfish and other pretty fish that I am not sure about the name. But, my favorite underwater resident is brain coral. The pattern is so intricate and geometric on the coral here. I keep almost running into it because I study the pattern so closely-OOPS! I will be back to normal posting on Friday. Hope you are having a wonderful week too!

One thought on “On Vacation

  1. How awesome!! What a great skill set to have! I’m glad you got to take some time off for vacation, especially with a big move like that. I hope you guys get settled in soon and continue to enjoy living in Texas! 😀

    Even if Austin is the better city 😉

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