The Sketchbook Project- To do or not to do?

I am thinking about participating in The Sketchbook Project. You pay a small fee and receive a Moleskine notebookthat you fill with your artwork, sketches, designs, etc. It then goes on tour around the country along with all the other sketchbooks. What to you think?


3 thoughts on “The Sketchbook Project- To do or not to do?

  1. I think it’s such an entirely awesome creative project!

    I considered doing it myself a couple months back, but with the focus needed for my current personal projects, I decided against it. I realized I wouldn’t be able to give it all the attention I would want to in order for it to be exactly what I wanted it to be—the drawings would just be done half-heartedly. But I think it’s an awesome project and after seeing your great drawings, I think it’s worth considering more. It’s such a fun and creative way to express yourself more!

  2. Go for it, Jane! I discovered this project three weeks ago on Twitter and signed myself up for “Down your street.” I figure it’s a great way to get to know my new town. (If I’m correct, you’re in the same boat.) Plus, with several of my friends moving to Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Istanbul and then me in Vienna, it gives us a glimpse of each other’s new lives, especially while traveling. What better way to stay connected? 🙂

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