Christmas Party- Part 2

The two biggest hits of the party were bacon wrapped dates and Oreo balls.

Bacon wrapped dates are fairly simple. Take the pits out of the dates (or just buy unpitted ones). Wrap them in bacon (I cut the applewood smoked bacon into three pieces to keep it reasonable. A whole slice of bacon per date would be ridiculous). Then bake them in the oven for 8-13 minutes on 425 degrees. The bacon should be fully cooked before you remove them from the oven.

Oreo balls are my sister-in-law’s specialty and proof that God loves us. She made them for Thanksgiving and I am pretty sure I did not eat anything else that entire week. Just leftover Oreo Balls that I found in the fridge. Also, a very easy crowd-pleaser. Take 1 package of Oreos. Put them in a ziploc bag and crush them to little pieces. Mix the crushed Oreos with two packages of cream cheese (16 ounces). Roll the mixture into little balls. Melt one package (roughly 12 ounces) of almond bark or white bark. Use this to cover the balls. Let the bark cool until hardened. Then eat all of them.

Tomorrow- the invitations to our party

2 thoughts on “Christmas Party- Part 2

  1. Oh holy goodness! Those both sound delish . . . of course, I am partial to that Oreo goodness! Thanks for the recipes. I’m definitely gonna have to try them out.

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