No Excuses. Play like a Champion.

It is a mid-January resolution of mine to post more. I think I got very caught up in the “I should only talk about cards and design” trap. And that should change. Here is why: I fell over Christmas and banged up my arm pretty well. I couldn’t work on crafts much due to some pain, etc. and so I just let the blog slip too. So, I am adding three new topics to be covered in the New Year: my closet, my cooking and my DIY home projects.

I came up with a plan last night after realizing that I generally wear the same jeans and same five shirts/sweaters all the time. But I have a lot of very cute things from thrift stores, gifts, high school (it’s true) that I want to try to wear. So, I am embarking today on a new plan. I will not repeat an article of clothing until I have worn every single piece I own. So, I will wear my blue button down shirt today but then cannot wear it again until I wear my other shirts. Same with pants, skirts, jackets, etc. The only things I will wear again are workout clothes since I only have a few and cannot actually wear each of them in this season. Writing about my plan is my effort to keep myself honest. So selfishly, I am sharing this with you all.

And tomorrow, I will post my first recipe (or maybe my second- not sure if I have posted one before). What do you think of the additions? Worth trying?

4 thoughts on “No Excuses. Play like a Champion.

  1. Totally diggin’ your new challenge! I knew you hurt your hand, but man that sucks. I hope it gets better quickly!

    I’m pretty excited for you cycling through your wardrobe. It’s easy to cling to habits, especially in the wardrobe department but once you break out of it, it’s pretty freeing and empowering. 🙂

    And I’m definitely looking forward to more recipes!! My dad is a chef, but I did not really adopt that skill growing up. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I make a MEAN grilled cheese sandwich, but I love trying new things in the kitchen . . . it’s my wardrobe challenge of sorts. 😉 So yeah, totally looking forward to new recipes as well!

  2. Oh totally! Any time we were with my dad, we ate so good! The funny part was how his job affected meals. When I was a teenager he was a cook in the army and later became a chef at a hotel. We used to joke that he would always cook for an army because he’d always make SO much food at home and we’d always have leftovers. I still call him up at times to get his recipes and figure out how to make certain things for parties. He’ll ask me, “Do you want the recipe for 25, 50, or more” and I’m like, “Um, let’s do 10 to 15. It’s only a small army this time.”

  3. Jane, you should post a picture of your closet project and let us see all your outfits!! This makes me want to clean out my closet….to0 many pre-baby clothes that do not fit!!!!!!!!!!!

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