We have a pet…

But we did not pick it out. Something is living in our wall. It is gross. We hear him moving around in the morning as he gets ready for work I can only assume. And sometimes at night when we are watching movies. I think he’s trying to tell us to be quiet and turn the movie down. All in all, it’s not so bad since I have yet to see this mystery neighbor/pet. We have a few guesses: rat (gross), possum (double gross and hard to imagine since they are pretty big), or a squirrel (somehow not as revolting- I blame Beatrix Potter). Josh came home yesterday and told me he’d seen a raccoon across the street so maybe we are hosting a raccoon. It would be hard to believe. And by the way- how did raccoons get into DOWNTOWN Houston? I’d prefer it if this neighbor/pet just moved. No one would miss him. I have to call an exterminator but apparently they will just set traps and I will then have to see this guy. So, here’s the dilemma- do I keep letting some animal live in my house rent free or do I call the exterminator and finally have to see what lives in my wall? It’s a tough one but I am going with the exterminator. And a temporary living situation until it’s all over. Gross.

3 thoughts on “We have a pet…

  1. We poisoned a rat in our walls last year, he had evaded all of the sticky pads and traps. He ended up under the dishwasher and we were able to dispose of him, but yes very stinky! Good luck!

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