A few of my favorite things

1. TV show: The Wild Within. This tv show features Steve Rinella, author of A Scavengers Guide to Haute Cuisine, as he attempts to find food in the most unique locations- within the San Francisco city limits, in Southeastern Alaska, in Hawaii, along the Lewis and Clark trail, etc. He is witty, resourceful and more than anything wants to help us better connect with where our food comes from and what it means to use the earth and its resources well. You can find it on the Travel Channel.

2. Book: The Harry Potter books. I just finished number 7 and loved it. I started the first one at Christmas time and read through the seven book series in two and a half months. I could not put it down. It is a story of good overcoming evil and even thought most people think of it as a young adult series, I found the story compelling and encouraging. I recommend this with a warning- prepare to give up all other books and most of your free time. Once you start Harry Potter, you will have to finish it.

3. Movie: Downton Abbey. Technically a mini-series, Downton Abbey is available on Netflix streaming, so I could watch in on my laptop while I was recovering from a cold. The story is about an estate in England in the early part of the 1900s. It’s written by the same guy who wrote Gosford Park and does an excellent job showing the estate from the view of both the residents and the staff. AND it leaves you wanting more episodes. Thankfully, Masterpiece Theater knows this and is bringing it back in the winter for a second season!

4. Music- Lady Antebellum. I know I’m late to the game on this one but they played the Houston Rodeo last night and they are awesome! I loved the show which, by the way, started with fireworks inside Reliant Stadium. They are a fun live show and I’m excited for their next album.

5. Blog- Abode Love. This clever blog is all about home decorating- something I am desperately trying to understand right now. Her tagline is “A man’s home is his wife’s castle.” She does a great job giving ideas and advice about how to create a comfortable and beautiful home that is appealing to both genders. Check it out here.

And for fun, I included a doodle I did last weekend while on a retreat with one of my best friends, Mary. Everyone was sharing their stories and I drew this while they spoke. There is nothing as compelling as a good story and I think my favorites of the moment show that. Josh and I are fighting off some colds so we are taking it easy right now but Spring has arrived here in Texas so we may go outside to enjoy some of it. Happy Saturday!

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