Redefining Seasonal (and Local)

As I have written before, we try to eat as locally and seasonally as possible. Obviously there are exceptions- namely coffee and spices and sugar. But, we do try to eat like nature intended. However, I have been really struggling here in Houston. The seasons are totally different. For example, if we were still in the Northeast, we would not plant tomatoes for a few more months. However, I planted five tomato plants here in containers on our deck and they are already setting blooms. And, my lettuces are coming up nicely as well. It is just so different here- there are only a few weeks a year that things cannot grow.But, eating locally in Texas is much more enjoyable. Citrus is available much more often and fruit is easier to come by. So much of the winter was spent eating squash and canned goods when we lived in Brooklyn. The variety is a welcome change here.
Below are pictures of my tomato plant and my herb garden- a Martha Stewart inspired piece. I will post much prettier pictures soon.


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