On the Shelf: Bossypants

Disclaimer: I’m not even sure this review will be understandable because I am laughing as I write it because the picture is so ridiculous. Tina Fey is a genius. And a kindred spirit (went to the same college, people have occasionally said I resemble her when I wear my glasses which is the best compliment ever, etc.) She wrote a book so naturally I wanted to buy it but it was hardcover so I was waiting. Then along came sister-in-law of the century, Heather, who bought it for me for my birthday. She was simply following Tina’s instructions in the introduction- she tells the reader that she hopes if she likes the book, she will buy it for her sister-in-law. Done. Except I can’t buy it for my sister-in-law since she bought it for me. But that is a puzzle for another day.

The book is mostly what I would expect if you went to coffee with Tina and sat for eight hours and said, tell me funny stories. But the best part is that I know what she’s talking about. It feels like a friend whose stories you love hearing over and over because each time there are new details that are funnier and because when she describes something, it is as though she has finally put words to so many of your memories. Case in point: Tina and I both went to the University of Virginia. It’s a great school. But we both felt a little out of place there. Another example: Tina moved to New York and frequented Korean nail salons. So did I. But her descriptions of said nail salons made me feel like when I cannot think of the word I am trying to use and then someone says, “anecdote” or whatever word fits best and I think YES! that is what I was searching for.

I cannot more strongly recommend this book, dear blog reader, all 15 of you. But hey, if I can get 15 people to go buy Tina’s book, maybe she’ll personally thank me. Probably not but it’s worth a shot. Or wait for it to come out in your local library. I bet Tina would support that too.

Another Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for the embarrassment you may face by reading this book in public. Not because it’s embarrassing to read but because you will laugh out loud and start to cry and people will wonder “Who laughs out loud at a book?”

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