Baby’s Playlist

I think that I can judge whether or not the baby likes music based on the number of times he/she moves when songs come on. So far our kid has pretty good taste though some of his/her choices are very concerning.

1. I Like It- Enrique Iglesias

2. Anything by Parachute- duh- but especially You and Me

3. Everybody Dance Now by C and C Music Factory

4. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice (what can I say- kid likes the classics)

5. Mine by Taylor Swift

6. Crazy by Pat Green

7. Rocketman by Elton John (which is funny since we sometimes call Crockett “Crockettman”)

8. Anything from Jock Jams Volumes 1-7 (he/she goes crazy at Texans games)

We will continue to work on refining his/her taste but for now, I am ok with most of his/her choices.


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