New Years Resolutions

I have only ever kept one New Year’s Resolution but now that I think about it, I  gave something up for Lent successfully one time. I have never kept a New Year’s Resolution- 365 days is way harder than 40. For the curious among you, I successfully gave up French fries for Lent. Since that Easter, I have become a French fry fiend- I eat them a lot. It was like a reverse sacrifice. I gave something up only to eat it more than ever.

My favorite New Years Resolution that I have ever heard of was from a friend’s girlfriend who said that she was going to write someone a nice note every day. I am contemplating taking that resolution for this year. With the USPS struggling and email overtaking real mail, maybe I will try to write 365 notes this year. I am also the mother of a newborn so I am only thinking about doing it. Committing to do something other than care for Forest is hard to imagine right now.

Anyway, in light of that resolution, I am cleaning out the Plain Jane’s warehouse (read: closet) and offering grab bags of cards at a discount. Each set is grouped by color (blue, pink, neutral) and has five cards. The sets will still come in coordinating fabric bags but it’s totally random as to what patterns are inside. So choose your favorite color scheme and order today.

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