2011: My 10 favorite projects

I loved being able to do more custom work this year and to branch out using new and different materials. I’m also dreaming up new creative endeavors for 2012- more knitting, quilting, drawing and calligraphy. And more cooking now that I will be home full time. Stay tuned.

PS: One of my favorite artists, Gina of Lettergirl/Dreamland, also just posted her top ten for 2011. Check them out on her blog.

Stationery for Mary using recycled magazines

Birthday invitations for sweet Carter (and getting to go to the party in Seattle!)

Making my own wrapping paper for a friend’s baby shower

Starting a quilt (I will finish it in 2012)

Slanted calligraphy on envelopes

This invitation to a charity event

A fun, inspired invitation to Becca’s shower

Bright red invites for a beach weekendSubmitting designs to Minted’s Designer Challenges. Vote here.And of course, finally meeting this guy who had been kicking me, making me sick and tired from April through December. I’m so glad for all of it because I get to be Forest’s mom.


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