New Years Eve

I have never been a big fan of celebrating New Year’s Eve. I appreciate that it’s a new year, a new start, a chance to reinvent or improve  but staying up until midnight always seems anticlimactic. Psychologists might trace my strong dislike back to the days when my mom had us celebrate New Years on East Coast time (we lived on the West Coast). At nine o’clock, we would watch the ball drop in New York and go to bed. One year we even celebrated Nova Scotia time and were in bed by eight. This must be the case because no one in my family likes New Years Eve. My brother even wrote a song about it (see video here).

But, if I were one to celebrate New Year’s Eve, I would definitely want to use these invitations:

Source: via Viva on Pinterest

and wear a shirt like this:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

and I would watch this video over and over:

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

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