My mornings

Now that I am at home with Forest, some of my day has changed. I have to stop projects or work more often to feed him or put him down for a nap or play with him. Usually he’s very happy to play in the morning so we listen to music and he hangs out on his little farm activity mat.  I have tried to explain that he will see real cows and real pigs and real chickens when we go to the farm. This is too much for him to comprehend so we’ll stick with the stuffed versions for now.

He has sort of* figured out that if he moves his shoulder, this mysterious hand will swing by and hit the pig or the chicken. And this is very fun for him. I think it must be an amazing magic show for him; these crazy arms seeming to come from nowhere to make these animals move and make noise. The colors of the mat are bright and happy so the pictures I took turned out really well.

*Yes, I recognize that developmentally he may not be ready to make such a connection. But isn’t every parent supposed to think their baby is advanced?


3 thoughts on “My mornings

  1. He’s sooo adorable, Jane. Can’t wait to meet him!

    And for the record, we thought (and still think *cough*) that Susannah is *the smartest* baby girl we’ve ever seen 🙂

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