Best Valentines News Ever

So after all my planning, etc., my greatest Valentine came from Facebook. There was an ad on the side of my facebook window that said, Lyle Lovett- new album. And it was real. Lyle has a new album coming out on FEBRUARY 28, Release Me. I can only assume it will be listened to on repeat here in the Grizzle household.

My love of Lyle has been documented on this blog but it bears repeating- he is far and away my favorite musician. I first discovered his music when I borrowed a friend’s Ipod and “Her First Mistake” came on randomly. I was hooked by the end of verse one:

Once upon a time ago
Way up in the land of sleet and snow
How this fairy tale would go
I could not have known
I had searched around
this world so mean
From Livingston to Palestine
Trying to pursue my dream of love
It was then I met this girl so fine
She made me think so fast 
I left my thoughts behind
and I tried to pass for a sophisticated Northern man…

Download it from itunes- it could change your life. In many ways, this song is a little bit like meeting Josh. He had no idea I was from Virginia when he met me in New York, the land of sleet and snow. But I digress. I grew up in a very musical family with a brother who, though 3 years younger, knew everything about bands that no one else had heard of and could describe his favorite kind of music. When people asked me, I would just say, “I like every kind of music I guess.” But after hearing “Her First Mistake,” I had a favorite kind of music. Now how you classify Lyle’s music may differ but I had discovered that I love Texas style country music. Generally it involves lots of musicians wearing cowboy boots, men with three names (Robert Earl Keen) and songs that tell stories.

My dad took me to my first Lyle Lovett concert at Wolftrap in Virginia and a year later, Josh took me to see him play the Beacon Theater on the Upper West Side.

Our first dance was to Lyle’s “Nobody Knows Me” as performed by my three brothers. It was my favorite part of our wedding.

I like cream in my coffee
And I like to sleep late on Sundays
Nobody knows me like my baby

This past summer, we went to visit my brother and sister in law and nieces (you might remember this picture) in London and took a side trip with them to Bruges to see Lyle Lovett play the Cactus Festival.

Anyway, I never knew I had a favorite kind of music- nothing really got my excited or made me sing along like Lyle and now he has a new album coming out this month! Have I mentioned he is from Houston and went to A and M? It makes me love Texas even more to know that it also gave us Lyle Lovett in addition to Goode Company barbecue and Friday Night Lights. And how can you not love a man who wrote

If I had a boat
I’d go out on the ocean
And if I had a pony
I’d ride him on my boat

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