Taking My Time

Don’t let your daughters grow up to be like the counter clerk at a local deli. Forest and I walked up the counter and I will freely admit, I was slouching. I was being lazy and forgetting to stand up straight. Side note- my mother is probably frowning right now as she reads this. I can hear her now, “So much time and money spent on physical therapy for her shoulder and she won’t even stand up straight!” But back to the clerk. I got ready to place my order for a healthy turkey and avocado sandwich and she asked when the baby was due. I have gotten that before so I smiled and said, “oh, I had him” and gestured to Forest. 99% of people would stop there. Not this lady. “How long ago did you have him?” she said, with another glance towards my midsection. “A couple months ago.” I lied. I was not about to tell her he was more than three months old. And at this point, the remaining people would stop. Not this lady. This lady kept going. “Just taking your time getting the weight off?” She smiled. I shot a quick smile back (my meanest “up yours” smile) and said, “Sure, I guess.” I feel as though this topic should be covered in all social studies or health classes- do not EVER ask a woman when she is due. Even if you work in a doctor’s office and she is coming to the office because she is in labor and the baby is about to arrive. Just avoid the topic. And if you do happen to make such a social blunder, just stop there. Tell your children. And make sure to stand up straight.

5 thoughts on “Taking My Time

  1. Well said ,Sweetheart, and I am standing up straighter and keeping my mouth shutter, and engaging my core…So exhausting!

  2. Welcome to the club πŸ™‚ It is odd that people still make these comments, but it seems to be a pretty routine part of early motherhood- at least for me and many of my close friends. So sorry you had to deal with it. I saw you when Forest was only 10 days old and you looked fantastic!

  3. aaaaah! shoot her! I wish I could create snappy comebacks, but I also value kindness and politeness, so that always stops me in my tracks. Especially if it’s someone I’ll see again. You done well, girl. You showed yourself to be the better person. And YOU have Forest β€”Β she doesn’t πŸ™‚

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