Back to Work

After yesterday’s tragically funny post, I thought I’d get back to sharing some craftiness. I am particularly excited about things on my desk these days. For one, I fell for the Martha Stewart office supply line now found at Staples. While my desk still does not look very Martha-ish, I am beginning to at least feel like someday it could. But I am more excited about the following items:

1. My handcarved Easter egg stamp.

I am planning to use this for my Easter card making kits that I am putting together for my nieces and friends. I love the freedom that comes with creating my own stamp. And there’s something cathartic about carving a stamp into the perfect shape. I started out with a solid egg shape but eventually decided an outline would be more fun for the girls to decorate. You can see my first attempts below (and the corners of my Martha Stewart wall pockets!)

2. My Love Your Letters packet

Gina of Dreamland and Lettergirl has put together an online course to improve your handwriting. She’s been one of my favorite artists since I discovered her work while working at Kate’s Paperie in New York. Her handwriting is gorgeous and the course is great so far. I’m hoping to use some of it while addressing envelopes for Forest’s birth announcements.

3. Paper Tape from Target

One of the hazards of staying home with Forest is that some days pass when I do not see adults. I have been known to go to Target just to see someone over the age of 16. So in one of our adventures to Target, I discovered this paper tape in the office supply section. How cute is the bundle? I can’t wait to use it.

And that is my desk. I’m working on a few other projects around the house that I will share soon. I’m really trying to focus on using my creativity for our family- whether to creatively organize or decorate or to make stationery for us or improve our wardrobes. More to come…


2 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. I love reading your blog! So impressed you post as often as you do with a three month old.
    Would you be willing to share the link for Gina’s e-course? I’d live to try to do it too.
    Those Easter cards are gorgeous.

    • Hi Sabrina! Happy belated birthday. I wanted to share the link to the Love Your Letters workshop through

    • Etsy
    • . I highly rec it:

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