F is for Forest

I survived 120 hours alone with Forest. I did see my friend Jenny for lunch and we saw lots of friends at church on Sunday but for the most part, it was just me and Forest. So while Josh was gone, I tried to work on the nursery- painting, hanging pictures, etc. See, I had planned to do the nursery in December of 2011. Then Forest came early. And the nursery decorating had to wait. Because if there is one time you don’t feel like painting or hanging pictures, it’s when you have a newborn. Or when you hurt your back I guess. But in this case, it was the newborn that kept me from doing it. But, he’s 4 months old now and naps at least once a day. So I could get at least a few small things done. Wednesday morning while Forest was napping, I made a basic F stamp and set to work with green and gray ink (the nursery colors). This is what I ended up with:

More nursery pictures to come! Once I locate our camera charger… so maybe not tomorrow.

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