Two weeks later

Since I last posted, the following things have happened:

1. Forest’s godmother Mary arrived in Texas. We put together this gift bag for her: 

2. Forest’s godfather Kyle arrived in Houston with his girlfriend, Lindsay Ann. Mary, Lindsay Ann, Forest and I went to my favorite thrift store. I bought a button down shirt as part of my effort to recreate this look:

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

3. My mom and dad arrived in Texas for Forest’s baptism. We ate tex mex for three meals in a row.

4. Forest was baptized at the sunrise vigil on Easter morning. It was wonderful. Then we had 11 people over for Easter brunch.

5. Forest went on a sleep strike. As in, not sleeping for more than 2-3 hours at a time at night and 20-30 minute naps during the day. You can read more about it here.

6. I finally sent out birth announcements for my 4 month old. Addressing them was fun and gave me a chance to practice my handwriting for my Love Your Letters work.

Which brings us to today. It is rainy and gloomy so I am planning on staying in and addressing Laura’s invites. Cannot wait for this wedding in June!

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