Summer Reading Recap

Gina of Dreamland and Lettergirl set up a Summer Reading program that I participated in. I want to host one on this blog since I am sure she’s getting great book recommendations. She asked for five reviews of books we read this summer. I thought I’d share them here too. First two are below. Others to come next week.

Trapeze by Simon Mawer

This historical fiction novel is a beautifully written story of a female spy recruited by the Allies in World War II. Marian/Anne-Marie is recruited because she speaks fluent French due to growing up in Geneva. Her new role as a spy complicates her relationships with her friends, family and herself. I loved the plot- it kept me intrigued until the last page. I picked it up because I heard an interview with Mawer on NPR. It sounded like a beautiful war drama but really it’s a coming of age story about a woman empowered by her ability and desire to help her country and her loved ones.
War Brides by Helen Bryan
My Amazon account continued to suggest this book based on previous purchases. So I bought it and read it in three days. It’s a great story about five women- unlikely heroines and unlikely friends. Each has a different secret and personality but they are drawn together by their circumstances as those left behind as their husbands and loved ones go to war. I was surprised to learn the sacrifices that many of them had to make during the war- sharing their homes with evacuees from London and in some cases, caring for children orphaned or evacuated because of the war. I loved the friendships that were present throughout the novel and made me think about my own circle of friends.

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