Moving (Again)

It seems like just yesterday I was posting pictures of Lyle Lovett and Tami Taylor to tell you we were moving to Texas. Well, there isn’t much to post yet about our new home but since I’ve resolved to write more in 2013, you’ll probably hear a lot about Geneva. Switzerland. It’s amazing how many times I type Geneva into Google only to be directed to information about Geneva, Illinois. Apparently Google is very American. But I digress.

ImageWe are moving to Geneva in January after a month of visiting families to celebrate the holidays. To answer a few of the questions I am certain you have:

1. No, they do not speak Swedish. They speak French. I speak some Spanish. I am attempting to learn French via Rosetta Stone but am anticipating a baptism by fire once we arrive.

2. Yes, we are taking both Forest and Crockett. Forest will probably learn French before me and be my translator (fingers crossed). I do not expect Crockett to learn French. I do expect him to enjoy the hikes we have planned.

3. We do not know how long we will be there.

4. We are really excited for the experience, for the travel and because we will live a few hours from Forest’s cousins who live in London. And we are excited about the cheese. And chocolate.


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