We Made It

We are in Geneva now. I had hoped that we would see the beautiful Alps and lake as we flew in but alas, it is cloudy here today. Everyone claims that the city is beautiful and the mountains are amazing and that this cloudiness is rare but as I told Josh, I will believe it when I see it.*

Forest did well on the flight. He liked Cars and Finding Nemo but did not like the headphones at all. So he watched it without sound. But he was happy and even slept for some of it.

We arrived at our temporary apartment- which is beautiful- and one hour later, our air shipment arrived. So Forest has all of his toys, we have all of our winter clothes and luckily, all of my swimsuits also made their way into the air shipment. Thank goodness.

On another positive note, the giant fountain is on. We could barely see it agains the cloudy sky. I made fun of it before we got here- a giant fountain that just shoots water into the sky?- but it is actually a pretty cool feat of engineering.

More to come- particularly my adventures trying to get a cell phone.Image*Please note- this picture is not how Geneva looks. I think they must have photoshopped the mountain and blue sky because I have yet to see them.


2 thoughts on “We Made It

  1. Bienvenue a Geneve!
    glad that you all made it there safely and the Forest did well on the plane. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures, particularly after you see the Alpes for the first time.

  2. Please post often! So glad you made it! Cora still will not wear headphones, but I’m glad the silent movies helped occupy Forest! He is such a cutie, we loved seeing you guys on Saturday. It was like we were never apart, please let us know when you are back in Virginia, we will always take a drive to see you. Love you and enjoy your new adventure!

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