Great Success

Yesterday was a big day for us- we went outside, bought two necessary items, ate famous fondue, made a friend who recommended a good church, organized our temporary apartment and I washed my hair. And because I think you’re interested, I’ve included a few notes about each success (in chronological order- not order of importance).

1. We went outside. This is what Forest looks like after we get all the layers on correctly:

IMG_1469There is a baby in there, I promise.

2. We bought two necessary items: a world traveler kit from the apple store (every kind of adapter you might need) and a hair dryer from Coop. Now I can wash my hair- something we can all be grateful for.

3. My mother in law, Anne, had a taxi driver who recommended Les Armures for their fondue. The taxi driver was right. Picture the best fondue you have ever had and then add magic.

4. While Forest was swinging in the park, we met a wonderful woman who has three children, all adopted from Haiti. She had just recently gone to Haiti to get her third, a two and a half year old boy. We were speaking about Virginia and then she mentioned that her family is Baptist. I asked where she went to church and she told us all about one here in Geneva. Very promising.

5. I washed my hair (see point three) and yes, this is so exciting, I am mentioning it twice.

I saw blue sky today but took a picture on my other camera. I will upload it another day. I have still not seen the sun or mountains. I promise to post when and if these Alps show up.


2 thoughts on “Great Success

  1. What a great post, Jane. Such a huge transition is never easy but the three of you are going to have such adventures. Every woman who read the blog, by the way, knows that once the hair drier was in hand everything, including days without sun, seemed secondary!. We’re looking forward to lots of great stories. Love, Deanna

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