Cultural Differences

When we arrived in Geneva, our party consisted of three adults (my mother in law Anne, me and Josh), an infant and his gear (stroller, toy bag, diaper bag and car seat), and 260 pounds of stuff divided into five rather large suitcases. We had been in Virginia since the middle of December and I may have stocked up on important items like infant sweaters… but I digress. So we arrived, flew through customs and immigration since the Swiss are nothing but efficient. We find a man with a sign with our name. After we went through the awkwardness of how to pronounce our last name (Grizzlee? Grizz-lay?), he asked us to follow him to the car. We walked down a row of taxis- van after van after van until he pointed to this:


You might not be able to see it over the 260 pounds of luggage but he was pointed to a Prius. And not just an Prius- the smallest, most environmentally friendly Prius. He opened the back, put in one of our suitcases and realized that nothing else would fit. It felt as though a salesperson had just handed me a size zero dress and was upset when I could not even put it over my head. He and Josh both left looking for vans to hire and eventually, we found one. The best part was that I could understand a little bit of the driver’s French when he called his boss: “person plus” and “baggage enorme” or something like that. I’m not sure Geneva was quire prepared for us.

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