We spent the weekend in Barcelona. It only takes an hour to get there by plane! It’s crazy how close everything is to us. I love Barcelona and have been there before but never with a one year old. He mostly rode in the stroller and ate tapas (loved the jamon) while we had a great time walking around El Raval and the Gothic Quarter, enjoying the blue sky and sun. We even rode on the giant gondola that runs above the port and gives you amazing views of the city. I particularly enjoyed being able to speak to people and not have to rely on hand gestures and made up French words. I’ve found myself frustrated living in a country that does not share my first language. Lots of people in Geneva speak English but the default is almost always French. Our weekend in Barcelona and using my Spanish served as a reminder that I need to learn to speak French so I can communicate with my neighbors. Rosetta Stone here I come!ImageImageImage


One thought on “Barcelona

  1. Thanks for the update – we were there two years ago and thought Gaudi was amazing. Hope you get to see the Sagrada Familia under construction – truly amazing. Best, R

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