Euro Pop

koolWe took a trip to the mountains this weekend and I showed off some incredibly graceful skiing (read: went full speed into a snow bank near the parking lot and even a Swiss bus driver stopped to make sure I had survived the crash). Additionally we enjoyed some time in the car which allowed us to listen to Swiss radio. My favorite station was probably Radio Mont Blanc pronounced “Rah-di-o Mont Blahnc”. Most radio (excuse me rahdio) stations here play American or British pop music. And they really love Rihanna. I hear Diamond in the Rough all the time. They like to alternate it with Alicia Keys’ This Girl is on Fire. And every third time they play their amazing Rihanna/Alicia combo, they follow it up with something a little more old school, like Go Your Own Way or Ladies Night. It’s great to hear classics but it is even better to hear the DJ say “blah blah blah French words blah blah Fleetwood Mac” or better yet, “blah blah French words blah Kool and the Gang.” They also love Sting. But only Fields of Gold. None of his stuff with the Police. Maybe they’re still upset that they broke up.

PS Have you seen the music video for Fields of Gold? Pretty dramatic camera work.


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