Snow Day(s)

It might not be surprising to my friends in New York but I’m shocked by how much snow we’ve gotten here in Geneva. It started snowing on Sunday night when Josh returned from picking up food from our favorite Thai restaurant in our cute little neighborhood. It kept snowing all day yesterday. And it is still snowing now. Based on my highly scientific snow measurement system (aka our patio table), we have gotten between 10-12 inches of snow or 25-30 centimeters (to make it more dramatic). I even drove a friend home in the middle of it yesterday. It does mean that we stay inside and warm and it may wind up cancelling my sister in law Heather’s flight to attend “Organize Jane’s House 2013” but it does make everything beautiful, especially our little Swiss cottage.

ImageNote: this is looking back at our house over our barbecue. The snow drifts are not that high.

ImageCrockett takes advantage of under floor heating.

ImageOur backyard


How to exercise a very stir crazy baby- stairs. Over and over again.


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