It’s not Target

I find some very different things make me homesick for the US: Maroon Five, price tags from Target or Marshalls, facebook posts about Rodeo or cowboy boots, etc. And while there are no Targets here, I did find something similar on a recent adventure. A friend watched Forest for the afternoon and I went to M-Parc. Owned by Migros, one of two major grocery store chains, M-Parc has a hobby/DIY center, a furniture store, a pharmacy, a sports store and a grocery store all in one large building. While I may not have been able to drink a large diet coke and buy the latest Taylor Swift album, like I can at Target, this will do for now. One stop shopping, Switzerland style.



Lots of paper was labeled “decoupage” but I think I can use it for other projects too:


They had TONS of these little paper mache animals. I can see Forest and me painting some soon.mparc2

One thing you cannot find at Target- a 60 dollar Saber Tooth Tiger toilet seat. Take that America.mparc1

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