Assembling a house

ImageWe moved with a lot of furniture but as I have hoped, we continue to gather books. My brothers and I joke that when my parents pass on, we will be able to measure our inheritance in books- miles and tons of books. That love was passed on to me at a young age and I love collecting books. I still remember the shame of my younger brother’s words upon visiting our last house- “Are these ALL the books you have?” Clearly we did not have enough. But, we arrived with too many for our house and so Forest and I set out to build IKEA bookshelves. I had seen these metal and glass ones on several design blogs and thought they’d look good in our all wood house. So over the course of a week, we built bookshelves. Forest was about as much help as he was with the closet assembly but you can see how they turned out. I imagined being able to “style” the bookcases like the design bloggers do but once my sweet boy started removing every book from any shelf he could reach, I had to abandon that dream. But, I think they turned out okay. And as an added bonus, Forest loves them too.

ikea1 ikea2


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