Right Brain/ Left Brain

My sister-in-law is my better half. I mean, Josh is my better half but my sister-in-law, Heather is the better half of my brain. We are uniquely similar. We are both big fans of 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Go On. We both have brothers and no sisters and since we married into a family of all boys, we are the only sister in the other’s life. I’m not sure if that make sense. But she’s the only sister-in-anything that I have.

But, in terms of brain capacity, we differ immensely. Heather is the most organized person I know. She has Excel spreadsheets and Google calendars for everything. She has a place for everything and everything is in its place. I am well, the opposite. So when Heather offered to help me organize, I felt badly taking her up on her offer. She said it would be enjoyable for her, that she would love it, that this was what made her tick. So I gave her the opportunity for “fun” and she took it. Heather had 28 hours and needed to sleep for at least 7 of them. So we had 21 hours to organize. Below are “in progress” pictures. I’ll post after pictures soon.



Heather pointing out the vastness of my disorganization.



We found TEN bags of trash in my house. Yes, we have lived here a month. To be fair, the movers did pack a lot of random trash in the boxes (dead lightbulbs? yeah, they packed those).

20130213_164350Even Forest got in on the action- he valiantly picked up some goggles, a pencil and a name badge from a long ago conference. He may not take after me.



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