Forms in Translation

Google always does a decent job translating websites. But inevitably, Google misses something in the translation. This weekend, we ordered a few things online. The website translations were almost perfect except for this:



My only options were Mr. or Woman. To be fair, I would get a good laugh if I ever got something addressed to Woman Jane Grizzle. And then in looking on a mall website for a store location, I came across this:



When I first saw this menu, I thought there are some sketchy stores in this mall- making children? Yikes. Then I remembered seeing something similar before. It’s actually a bad translation from French. Confection means “making” as in making fashion or clothes or something but when Google translates “Confection femmes” it turns into “Making Women.” However, when I type “Womens Fashion” into Google translate, it spits out “Mode de Femmes” so I’m not sure where Confection comes in but it’s always good for a laugh.

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