Davos: Not Just for CEOs


My parents came to Switzerland this weekend- to Davos, which is about 4 hours away.  They are then going to come over to Geneva but we were going a little stir crazy (two straight days of rain and nothing good on Amazon On Demand- did we miss a lot of good movies or is there just a lack of anything to see now?) So the whole family (me, Josh, Forest and Crockett) piled into the car and drove to Davos. Davos is pretty small and really just a resort town. It’s built mostly for skiing (downhill and cross-country) and for holding large international meetings (World Economic Forum anyone?). We were not exactly blown away by the town. The scenery is gorgeous but I would have imagined a different type of town to host the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. Namely a larger one with more hotels that were built after 1970.

Forest was so excited to see his grandparents and we were thrilled to have visitors to our new country. Seriously, he was SO excited. The following  picture is just him playing it cool on the funicular to the top of the mountain. There were other kids on the car. They probably would have made fun of him for being overly excited. (Note: if you are as confused as I was, this is what a funicular is).





We went to the top of the Schatzalp Funicular to the Schatzalp Hotel, a former sanitarium for TB patients (we think). Can you imagine recuperating here?


And the best part is that since it was a former hospital, there was an old X-Ray room, perfect for my dad, the radiologist. And better yet? They had turned it into a bar- the X-Ray Bar. Dad and Forest perused the drink menu but ended up not ordering. Nothing looked that great. It was also about 1 pm so it probably would have been a bad idea.

davos2And in true form, we ended the trip to Davos much like any other trip taken by any other Grizzle:




One thought on “Davos: Not Just for CEOs

  1. What fun to be together for Easter week! You write wonderful blogs and we love your pictures. We had all of our children and grandchildren here for Easter and the bedlam was fantastic (although Greg might pretend he had a different opinion). Love to you all.

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