Rainy Day Blues

Forest has recently discovered the outdoors. He loves to walk with his train (thank you Godfather Kyle) up and down the driveway of our house. He loves to “help” with the gardening  though I often remind him, “Gentle with the flowers.” He also loves to play with water. So last week, in the beautiful 80 degree days we had, his life was perfect. Then, on Friday and Saturday, the rain poured and Forest, confused as to why he was not outside, sat at the window and cried. And lay on the floor and cried. All he wanted to do is to go outside.

They are starting a Forest Kindergarten here called Creche de Bicyclette. Forest Kindergartens are very popular in Europe and take place completely outside. All activities are in the woods (or in this case a park). We are really hoping Forest will get to attend this preschool. It seems like a perfect fit- I mean, even the name is perfect. You can read more about it here.

Thankfully it is just cloudy today so we can go outside and I can avoid the melodramatic response to being stuck indoors. Here are a few pictures of us playing in the backyard last week. Fingers crossed for a similar day tomorrow. Oh, did I mention we live in Switzerland? I feel like these pictures are just too Swiss.


View from our deck

ImagePicking flowers (still working on “gentle”)

ImageView of our house from the backyard


ImageI gave Forest a tub of water to play with. I figured he would pour water from one cup to another and maybe splash a little bit. This is what he did about five minutes into the activity.




4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Blues

  1. Have you wired speakers into your bushes so you can hear the Sound of Music soundtrack as you go about your day?

    • Not yet but Josh did by a Jambox so I will get it set to play Do a Deer on repeat. Our neighbors should love that.

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