A little town called Annecy

My father in law came to town a few weekends ago and we wanted him to enjoy a typical weekend with us. So yes, we went to the farmer’s market and the garden store but we also took a forty-five minute road trip to what some have called the cutest town in France. I’m not sure who called it that but they were not far off. We first drove through the more industrial side of Annecy, near the train station. Nothing good happens near European train stations. But after following signs to Old Town, we discovered why that person called it the cutest town in France.

annecybForest and his Poppy at the farmer’s market

annecyaFlowers at the Farmer’s Market. Reminds me of Melina.

annecy5Annecy. Yes, that is a real place.

annecy4Fort in the middle of the river- seems like a great idea. We ate lunch at a cafe to the left.

annecy3Playing around with settings on my phone. Here’s Forest waiting for his bread.





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