And we’re back…

We had a great month-long visit to the US last month. We had a wedding, a family reunion, my 30th birthday, my brother’s graduation and a retreat fall on five consecutive weekends so rather than doing the flight over multiple times, Forest and I went to the US and stayed for 5 weeks. I’ll admit- it was so nice to drive to Target and drink a Diet Coke while leisurely browsing aisles so full of stuff that I was overwhelmed. And it was nice to not have to worry about waking someone up when I call them at lunch time. But, I was also pleased to find out I was very ready to come home after five weeks away. Geneva was also pleased to see me. You might remember this picture from the snow storm in February:


Well, this is the same view today:


The trees have bloomed, the grass has come in, the tulips have bloomed and gone and now the peonies (yes, peonies!) are blooming. Josh’s garden is flourishing which is impressive since most of the things we’ve purchased and planted have been written in French. But thanks to Pinterest, I did know that ombre means shade so we avoided a few plants that would have died in direct sunlight.

We are also making more friends and in exciting news, we have found a little school around the corner (technically a play group run by an Italian woman) that Forest will go to. He loved our visit- he had the entire activity room to himself and went down the slide several times.  After that, he noticed doll sized strollers that the children use. Forest then went into the snack room and noticed there was one human size stroller parked in there. He immediately turned, walked back to the doll size strollers and brought them into the snack room one by one parking them next to the human size stroller. I wavered between being obnoxiously proud that my child could group like objects and terribly frustrated that he would not stop until each doll size stroller was put in the snack room. Once all four were there, I went to put one back and he followed me, waited until I set it down and promptly pushed it back into the snack room. So they stayed there for the rest of the visit. Thankfully, I discovered the teacher was very understanding and appreciated his “determination.”

Here he is enjoying the swings:



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