It’s the Little Things

I am learning to count even small accomplishments as major victories when done in Geneva. For instance, I felt like I had won when I learned I could order stamps online from the Swiss post office. I know that’s very small but it saves me time and energy and being able to mail letters to the States will make me feel more connected. 

But the biggest victory of all is that I made doctor’s appointments for all three of us. No, I did not do it entirely in French but I did some of it in French and then the nice administrators had mercy on me and broke out their English. Generally, it went like this:

Me: (reading directly from Google translate) “Je voudrais prendre rendez-vous avec le medecin…”

Them: “Bien sûr. Quand pouvez-vous venir?” (I think this is what they said. I had to check it on the Google).

Me: “Eh… what?” (I know I am supposed to say pardon but I get so flustered while trying to listen and understand another language that all manners go out the window).

Them: “When can yoooo come in to see the doctor? I can give you appointment on the twenty of Jzune at fifteen past ten.”

Me: “Yes, that would be great. Wait- the twentieth of June at 10:15?”

Them: “Oui. Twenty Jzune, fifteen after ten.” 

Then we go through my details- name (which is always interesting to hear pronounced in French. “Grizz-lay?”), birthdate (how do you say 1983?) and insurance info. Which we finally have. So that is easier.

I’m counting this as a major victory and am going to lie down now. Or eat a chocolate croissant. My brain is tired.



One thought on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Oh I wish I’d seen this earlier. (You can start laughing now)…I can tell you 1983.

    I started French in middle school in Mille neuf cent quatre vingt sept (1987) – yes, I’m old.

    So 1983 is Mille neuf cent quatre vingt trois. Don’t quote me on the spelling but there you go. Six weeks too late to the party but I love whenever I actually know an answer in French. (It happens 2 or 3 times a decade!)

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