Reading Goal Update

Posting about my progress on my three goals for the year keeps me somewhat motivated and mostly humble. Probably because I am nowhere close on my reading goal. I’ve had several years where I would guess I came close to reading 100 books. I want to blame Forest but I think I just don’t have as much time to read now. I try to read during the day and at night before bed but it’s not the same as a thirty minute commute on the N train. I look back and think much of my love of the city and its subway was based on the fact that I was trapped under ground with no cell service and only a book. I say I miss New York but it may just be that I miss thirty minutes of solitude twice a day.

Anyway, I digress. I have made a big push in the last few weeks to read more and have made up some ground. I think I had read 13 by the end of May and now I am up to 22. And while I’d love to recap each one or most of them, I thought I’d rank the nine from June for you and share basic plots. Oh, and these are in order- best to not best.

1. The Rules of Civility– This blog is not an ode to New York but this book also made me miss the city tremendously. When I finished, I felt like I had been living in the city again and was rudely ripped from a pre-war apartment into my living room in Switzerland. I think I actually experienced some culture shock reentering my life after this heartbreakingly beautiful novel. A special thanks to Courtney for sending it to me.

2. This is Where I Leave You– Moderately inappropriate but absolutely hilarious. I wanted to read this story of a family of four- three brothers and a sister- who return home for their father’s funeral- before it is made into a movie starring two of my favorite actors, Tina Fey and Jason Bateman. I cannot wait for the movie.

3. The Imperfectionists– Entertaining novel about the staff of a small international newspaper in Rome.

4. Bringing Up Bebe– Non-Fiction book about French parenting. I loved it not only for its tips on parenting but also for the inside look at French culture.

5. Revenge Wears Prada– highly entertaining not very challenging. Excellent follow up to The Devil Wears Prada. Would be perfect for the beach

6. The Likeness– another great Irish mystery from Tana French

7. Peony– novel by Pearl Buck about a Jewish family living in China. Epic and a little long but a beautiful story about cultures I don’t know much about.

8. Wedding Night– by Sophie Kinsella, of the Shopaholic Series fame.

9. One Pink Line– advertised as on sale on Kindle. So I read it.

And there you have it. I have now read (or listened to) 22 books so far this year. I would love to still make it to 100 but have decided that if I read 52 books this year (one per week) and prove to be a semi-effective mother of a toddler, I will feel very accomplished. Can you adjust your New Years Resolutions? If so, consider it done.


2 thoughts on “Reading Goal Update

  1. loved reading a ton while we lived in copenhagen! enjoy!! 🙂

    i am a huge fan of bringing up bebe and i don’t even have a bebe to bring up! awesome cultural commentary.


  2. TANA FRENCH. Cannot get enough of her. “Faithful Place” is my favorite.
    Try Kate Atkinson’s detective series too. XO

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