What is the opposite of Hallmark?

Today is Swiss National Day, the 722nd birthday of Switzerland. In early August, 1291, three of the Swiss cantons signed the Federal Charter to create Switzerland. It makes the fourth of July look like a child’s party. I mean, 722 years? This is hardly a Hallmark holiday. Each village has a celebration. Our neighborhood has a giant bonfire built, ready to be lit tonight. It does not look very safe since it’s in the middle of a very small park but I’m sure they’ve thought this through. The city of Geneva has a huge fireworks show tonight and in ten days, at the end of the city festival, they have what some say is the largest fireworks show in the world. I have a hard time believing that Americans could let someone else hold the title for the largest fireworks show but my sources are pretty reliable (read: Josh read it somewhere).

We have fittingly spent the morning in France because I forgot that a national holiday means no stores are open. So we drove twenty minutes and shopped in a French grocery store, which apparently a lot of Geneva residents did because the place was packed. France does not appear to care about Swiss national day. But I bet they come over for the fireworks.


One thought on “What is the opposite of Hallmark?

  1. That sounds like great fun. How does the little guy do with fireworks? James loves loves loves them on tv and freaks out in person. Hope you enjoy this new cultural tradition. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hugs from hot Houston!

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