Playing in the Arve

Last weekend, while I was in Virginia Beach, celebrating a friends upcoming wedding, Josh kept Forest by himself. For 72 hours. Forest LOVED it. For the past week, he’s wandered around the house yelling, “Dad? Dad?” He’s been rather disappointed when I explain that I’m the parent at home again. They did some gardening, made a magnificent Mexican feast (our friends vouched for Josh’s description of the meal) and hiked in the Jura mountains. But, Saturday morning, they discovered a new favorite place in Geneva. We love the lake and swimming and sailing but the Arve river has a rocky beach and fast moving current which means that a. there are a lot of rocks for Forest to throw into the water and b. Crockett gets a great workout fetching bumpers in the water. They let me come along yesterday. Below are just a few pictures from our morning at the river. I expect there will be many more to come.river1 river3



river4 river5



One thought on “Playing in the Arve

  1. That sounds like so much fun!!!

    We super miss y’all. Any chance you’re coming to visit sometime soon?

    Keep posting. I love hearing what you’re up to. Hugs.

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