Bon Courage

I’m pregnant. Actually, I’m closer to not being pregnant. As in, due date is less than three weeks away. So you can imagine how large my belly is and how uncomfortable I must look walking around Geneva with my giant American-size baby bump. I have had several people ask me if it’s twins. And they started asking me that in May. I tell them “No, it’s just an American baby.” It usually shuts them up. It has been a little hard for me though if I am honest. I usually don’t struggle too much with body image except when I’m pregnant, which seems weird because my body is working hard for someone else and I should feel better about that. A few times this pregnancy, I’ve had friends remind me that I’m not “doing nothing” as I have said. My body is working all the time. These friends are good reminders.

It’s not all uncomfortable or frustrating. One thing I have enjoyed here is the encouragement people have been giving me. Instead of “good luck” like we Americans say to very pregnant women, the French phrase is “Bon Courage”- meaning “Good Courage.” Technically, Google Translate says it means good luck but there is a subtle difference that I appreciate. Instead of sort of leaving it to fate and saying, “Well, this next month is out of your hands,” even if it is, “Bon Courage” implies “You Can Do This! You’ve Got This! Be Strong!” And don’t we all need more of that message in our lives- nine months pregnant or not?

So, in a few weeks, we will meet Skipper who will not actually be named Skipper. Forest told me last summer (please note: before I was even pregnant) that he would have a brother named Skipper. We don’t know the gender though he remains pretty convinced. We remain convinced we will not be naming him or her Skipper. But even Annie, who has fewer than 100 words calls the baby Skipper. Anyway, we will meet him or her and until then, I am going to have Good Courage. I hope you do too.


15 thoughts on “Bon Courage

  1. I was asked all the time if I was having twins…I just used to say. No. I’m dust massive. That usually stopped people in their tracks! Good luck with your little one!

    • Thank you! The only thing you should ever say to any pregnant woman is “You look great!” I wish people knew that.

  2. I was thinking the other day that I was lonely for you and a musing and wondering how you were doing! I love Bon Courage and send it and live to you and al the gang, Heidi

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  3. Wonderful thoughts, dear (anything but plain) Jane. Bon Courage and we can’t wait to hear of Skipper’s welcone arrival. Love from Doug and me to you four (almost five)!

  4. Ha! Here is my nauseatingly knee-jerk thought: I even pause at putting luck and pregnancy in the same sentence! I LOVE the idea of good courage. If ever there’s an argument for intelligent design it’s with the miracle of a man and woman creating new life. I can’t wait to meet the new Jane and Josh Skipper creation. We sure do love the Forrest and Annie!! Regardless, Pregant for number three!?! Good courage!

  5. Thank you Jane for your beautiful writings. I love reading them and they are always so encouraging and often informative. I am reading every book I can get at my library by Charles Todd thanks to your recommendation. Thank you! Think about you more than you can ever imagine-love you-Cindy

    • Thank you Cindy! I think about you all often too. And I will send you more book recommendations soon! Love you.

  6. Such great news, Jane. We hope to meet Skipper sometime soon. It’s so sweet to see your adorable family growing. May you indeed have good courage for all that lies ahead. Tell Josh I’m having a time with strawberries versus chipmunks (or birds?), but so far the cherry tomatoes are safe.

  7. Bon courage is indeed a good word for us all whatever we are facing. Thanks for the thoughtful words and great gift of giving life for a next generation! GLad your wordsmithing is still working swell.

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